Bright Mind Shines Light On Affiliate Mystery

You keep hearing about “affiliate” programs and you wonder, does this have any meaning for me? Well, it might, but you need to understand the ins and outs before you can make an intelligent decision. Fortunately, there’s an ebook that lays it all out for you–clear, simple, and fun to read. It’s called Blogs to Riches and it’s by a marketing guru already helping companies make money on the web.

The cool thing is this isn’t just for companies–Joe and Harry and Sally can learn to use affiliate programs to make a little extra money every month–and who the heck doesn’t need that?

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn from Blogs to Riches, by Jim Kukral. It’s basically about how to start making money with affiliate programs—which are programs in which you sign up to sell someone else’s products on your website. The benefits are that the maker gets sales from your visitors that he or she would never have gotten otherwise, and you make a few bucks on something you didn’t have to create. It’s a cool concept.

Kukral states unequivocally that you can make money from affiliate programs—mostly not a lot, you understand, just some. But the tips in this book are also good for doing effective research on the web—use some of these tips and you’ll be an ace web researcher.

So where to start? Simple, he says—applies to the company you want to sell for and place their links on your page. Of course, there are a few details that need to be filled in. And he does a pretty good job of that—in clear, easy-to-read writing with a nice clean layout. His professional marketing background shows…

First, in case you don’t already have one, you get simple instructions on how to create a weblog, the quickest way to get a place to post your affiliate links. Then he suggests what you should do to make your blog interesting—and hopefully, therefore, draw lots of visitors who might be interested in buying your cool affiliate merchandise. One valuable pointer: Gives lots of references for people to search on the web.

Next, the Kukral gives a list of sources to learn about affiliate marketing and affiliate networks. He talks about the yellow pages of affiliate marketing—which put you and vendors and customers together. Then he gives a quick review of a few (The top 50 list comes free with the book).

Interestingly, the author advises you to “see what others in your market are doing and do that, too.” He gives a lot of hints and some more good marketing advice, like:

• What to sell – and what to avoid
• How to find the companies whose products you’ll want to sell
• How to evaluate affiliate programs—what to look for and how to demand it if you don’t get it
• And lots more

He says it pays to put some thought and effort muscle into your affiliate efforts…and proceeds to give you some more excellent hints, including why text links work better. Kukral is doing a brain dump of his knowledge about affiliate stuff—and you get a treasure trove of useful and valuable information.

This book covers a lot and tells you where else to look. Can’t ask for much more than that. So if you have any interest in using affiliate marketing to make a little extra cash, buy it.